COVID-19 Procedures

Last Updated 21 August, 2020

The following procedures are in place at Camp Caillet, Nanaimo to help maintain a safe environment for our youth and Scouters. Please make note of the following and ensure all participants are made aware of any boundaries and/or procedures that are in place when using the camp.

Arrival and Departure
Users of the camp will have a set start and end time for arrival and departure. These times are staggered to enable safe drop-off and pickup of members. Please try to stick to your allotted time to reduce traffic flow and grouping of members in the parking lot.

Follow Signage
While we remain under a phased reopening, we have separated areas of the camp to reduce traffic flow and mixing of youth from different groups. Please follow the appropriate signage to your meeting/camping area.

Site Configuration
Camp Caillet has been split into three main areas. The main field has two meeting areas set aside as open space, both with a flag pole and fire pit for use by members. These areas are clearly marked and your group must stay within your designated area for the duration of your rental. In addition, the Memorial field has been set aside as an open space for meeting and is available when campers are not on site.

We are under Phase 2 restrictions as part of the Scouts Canada return to activities. As such, all indoor meeting spaces are prohibited. At Camp Caillet ,this includes: The Kitchen, Bunkhouse, Washroom Building, Covered Fire Pit, Picnic Shelter and Log Cabin. The porta-potties have been reinstalled on site as they are easier to clean between groups.

Emergency Procedures
Camp Caillet has an emergency plan posted on its website at and attached to reservation confirmations. In addition, during this stage of the COVID-19 Phase 2 opening, we have provided an emergency cache located next to the Log Cabin that contains Personal Protective Equipment and the AED device. In the event of an emergency, open the cache and remove the equipment needed, ensuring that the log page is completed. Please notify the Booking Secretary if anything is removed from this cache.

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Symptomatic Persons
Following the latest guidelines from Scouts Canada at, please ensure all groups have a COVID-19 Kit to help deal with symptomatic persons. All members are encouraged to make use of the sanitization stations next to each toilet facility for regular disinfecting of hands and should avoid touching surfaces whenever possible.

Camp Use Areas

Camp Caillet - Phase 2 reopening camp zones

AREA A Front of the Main Field from the fence to the Lamp Post and start of Tree Line. Enter via main gate and proceed immediately to the yellow shaded area on the map.AREA 1 Front of the Main Field from the fence to the Lamp Post and start of Tree Line. Enter via main gate and proceed immediately to the yellow shaded area on the map.

AREA B From the Lamp Post to the front of the Bunkhouse. Enter via the main gate and stay on the road following signs to enter the field by the log cabin.

AREA C Memorial Field. Enter via the main gate and bear right past the waste bin towards the fire pit and bridge.

CAMPING Only Allowed on Sites 1 - 25 on the Memorial Field with reservation. No Camping on the Kitchen side of the camp at all. 

Download the Notice

The information above has been prepared as a PDF and is available for download by clicking the image below.

Download the latest COVID-19 procedures update for Camp Caillet