Camp Rules

Thank-you for using the facilities at Camp Caillet, we hope your stay is enjoyable. If the following rules are adhered to many other users can also enjoy the camp in a safe and clean outdoor environment that is easily accessible.

If you have arranged for use of the kitchen please see the operating instructions and guidelines for the kitchen. Please note that if the kitchen fire system is deployed the renter/user is responsible for replenishment of the system.

General Camp Rules

  • Please respect the property, the stream is a fish bearing stream and at no time should anything be taken from, or put into the stream.
  • Do not cut any live trees or plants.
  • Please use the outhouses provided and replace toilet paper as required, new rolls of toilet paper can be found in the log cabin in a green tote.
  • Any pioneering projects or structures erected should be taken apart and the area cleaned up prior to leaving the camp.
  • The well water from the outside taps and the kitchen is filtered. It is tested and is certified potable (drinkable).
  • Please keep the flame height in the Gazebo fire pit to a reasonable level. Any other fires on the property must be in a fire ring or suitable containment mechanism.
  • For safety reasons please do not let anyone climb on the walls and roof structure of the gazebo or the base (exposed root area) of the large Maple/Cedar tree adjacent to the fire pit structure.
  • Please stay off of the bridge handrails. (No Climbing or sitting upon)
  • The overhead yard light located between the kitchen and the shed with the green door can be operated from the switch on front of the shed with the green door. The other yard lights (over the driveway) are switched on (marked Streetlights) at the breaker panel in the log cabin.  Please keep these yard lights off during the daylight hours.
  • There are three breaker panels in the camp, the main one is in the log cabin and this supplies power to all other buildings. There is also a panel in the bunk-house and another in the kitchen. Prior to departing camp please leave breakers in the on/off position as indicated on the panels.
  • When departing the camp please place all inside and outside garbage into the dumpster and lock it. (Please do not bring imported waste to our dumpster) 
  • Please ensure all lights are off, doors and/or gates are locked.
  • Please leave the camp keys in the chute at the outhouse compound side of the log cabin.

If anything fails to work or is broken during your stay, report it to a camp representative as soon as possible.

Thank-you for using Camp Caillet.

Camp Caillet Operating Committee                                  2014-11-24